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Temi's little treasure box :iconholyshitohmygodplz: <3



Hey hey

by Myul
my own blue box-- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Natsume touched by TBplz
Feel free to talk to me and let's be friends :iconkonataplz: <3


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DA Family

by AkariKyoku

:iconasdfghbeeplz:My DA family :iconasdfghbeeplz:

:iconsparklezplz:my awesome ate::iconshootingstar03::iconsparklezplz:
:iconsparklezplz: my alien armin twin: :icontsukijan::iconsparklezplz:
:iconsparklezplz: adoptive sibling: :iconichata::iconsparklezplz:
:iconsparklezplz:my babbus::iconikura-2013::iconariasama::icondeadmanjackalope::iconeririn13::iconaraguna-san::iconsparklezplz:
:iconsparklezplz: kitty-in-law: :iconmeirenka::iconsparklezplz:
:iconsparklezplz: my granbabbus: :iconcaramel-kon::iconzatytheawesome::iconkantan-kt::iconsakkocchi:
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People I stalk:

**will be kept updated~~**


Lev Markov

by DeadmanJackalope


by Caramel-Kon

by Rineri
My page needs their presence hhh--- :iconmaniacscreamplz:

Pixel commission? 

12 deviants said I've been receiving some questions if ever I'm going to open pixel commissions, so I thought I'll open some slots this summer after all of my finals are done~ :iconjunesplz: which is going to be after 3-4 more weeks :iconnashacryplz:
9 deviants said Also, still dunno the price yet-:iconnyoronplz:
7 deviants said I might use this as a sample~ temi pixel by temiji could be a little bigger or smaller since I dun really have a legit canvas size- :iconpapmingplz:


MA: Dae Mi Na by temiji
MA: Dae Mi Na

F-finally finished--:iconlazycryplz: before finals ahuee-- orz I hope I'll get in ahgdashjasjf--

Name: Dae Mi Na

Faction: Avaritia

Nephesh: Forehead Tattoo Neph  (Covers it with her bangs) and takes form of a mask headdress Headdress

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5’0 ft

Weight: 101 lbs

Nationality: Korean


History: She’s the second daughter of a surgeon and an archaeologist. It didn't take that long for both of her parents to separate because of their opposite beliefs and field of studies and they went on their own different ways. Her older sister went with her mother and leaving her behind with her father. Her father is a chief surgeon of his hospital. He rarely had time for Mi Na but when he does all he talks about is his experience and the wonders of human biology. She viewed this as the only chance she has felt the presence of her family. As a result, she has promised to her dad she will take over his position in the future.



She’s a quiet person and doesn’t spoke unless being spoken to or something picked her interest. She’s very straight forward and assertive. She’s the kind of person who finds logic in everything. She has the habit of using technical ways of speaking. She has a little trouble of empathizing others and picking up metaphors. She can be quite needy for food and rest after using her abilities.

Weapon: Staff Staff by temiji

• Staff

-The staff acts as a rod that concentrates all the pure life energy from her body. The life energy takes form of bright blue electricity.

-Gems:The gems on her deamon form collects all the life energy that her body emits from different location of her body and sends them to her staff.


○ Her knowledge of human biology

○ Life Force Manipulation/ Quintessence power manipulation

          False Puppetry: She could manipulate one deceased body by lending some of her life force energy to a maximum of 20 mins. This will require her to use all of her life energy and if extended to her max it will cause her life.

          Healing: She has the ability to transfer her life energy to another person. This is a very painful process. Both of them will have to suffer from extreme spasm due to massive electric current traveling from her tissues to the injured person tissues, reviving each cells as it pass by. These transmissions fasten their regeneration process. With the exception of myocytes and neurons, she could regenerate all cells in the body. Those exception can only be lengthen their lives but not stop from dying nor be able to reproduce. If the transfer was a success, the person being healed, would feel light headed for a few second and be back to his/her fit. Though for her it would take a day of rest to recover from the use of this skill. Just like false puppetry, this ability requires a huge amount of her life energy and potential cause death if taken for granted.

    •      Self-regeneration: She could heal herself to an extent.



• Apathetic

• Extended use of her powers would be life-threatening

• Slow reflex

• Have a bad aim


• Good Memory

• Calm

• Good at following instructions

• Organized

• Loyal


• She’s a little upset about not being able to scientifically explain her ability.

• She actually wants to go with her mom instead of her dad, sometimes she envies some people with good mother-child relationship.

• She wants to finish her pre-med at the age  of18.

• She likes fluffs and furs.

• She has anatomy models in her room that always freaks out people.

• She takes literal meaning for everything.

• She’s not really fond of chemistry.

• She uses Korean honorifics.

For HQ deus Deus by temiji and daemon form Deamon by temiji

Terms of Agreement:

I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to him/her/them given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins.

:iconmargedion-academy: by :iconchoco-java:
see the lights by temiji
see the lights
I finally been able to draw something after months of hiatusness :iconnashacryplz:

By the way thank you very much for all the support while I'm on my hiatus- :iconnanakosobplz: thank you thank youuuuu~~//bows
BnT: Nishikawa Kazuki by temiji
BnT: Nishikawa Kazuki

For bnt :iconbudou-no-toshi: Joining with :iconikura-2013: and :icons-kasumi: I hope we'll get in-- :iconnashacryplz:


    Name: Nishikawa Kazuki
    Nickname: Kazu-kun, Ki-chan (welp give him whatever nickname he doesn't mind~)
    Age: 15 y/o
    BOD: Aug. 13th
    Height: 163cm
    Weight: 56 kg.
    Club: Yamakawa Newspaper Club | Cooking Club

Basically anything sweet
Watching Sport Activities
Photography with his phone
Curry with rice (only thing he eats that's not sweet-)
His phone (given by his older sister who lives in Tokyo)
His 3DS (plays with his little brother)
Peaceful summer days
            ○ Soccer
            • Thunderstorm and lightning (plus ghost stories and urban legend--//kicked)
            • His sleeves touching his wrist-
            • Dolls (thanks to his older sister) 
            • Chopping vegetables (veggies in general)
            • Plushies ( He generalize plushies with dolls- so yep)
            • People lying to themselves
            • Math and English
            • Cherry Flavor

Personality: Curious | Extrovert | Passive | Busybody | Blunt | Honest | Affectionate |

            Generally speaking, Kazuki has a bright personality and always wants the first one to greet. He has always been around people thus making him a people person due to being once of the best soccer player in the past. He is a kind of person who speak the first thing that comes to his mind and sometimes unintentionally hurting someone, if he notices his fault, he'll quick to cheer that person up (Usually by giving him/her sweets). He likes to talk a lot and that's the main reason of him joining the Newspaper Club. Kazuki has a habit of being a busybody especially if that person interests him. When he does he'll stick around that person like a leech--//kicked//

            For some reason he dislike seeing numerical numbers and the English alphabet thus he has problems in his math and english classes, always failing them or sometimes barely passing. He has this mentality that Japanese people should just learn japanese. Other than those two subjects, Kazuki has fair grades in his other academics. He always wish he's a little bit taller.

        Kazuki was born in Tokyo and has lived 11 years of his life with his family. When he was young he's always been an active in sports because of his mother's hopes for him to become a top athlete in the future. Kazuki was also enjoying himself. His mother has sent him to numerous sports camps not minding the cost and expenses. His family is an average family living in a apartment complex. His father's and mother's paycheck was just enough to cover their monthly budget. Even so, his mother never told him about their financial need while seeing Kazuki's smile after practice. One eventful day, Kazuki got into an accident almost crushing his knees. He undergo total knee replacement surgery. His doctor has strictly prohibits any sport involvement for the rest of his life. He became depressed and refuse to rehab. Some of his friends has visited but made him more depressed until one of his friend's sister came to visit. A mute girl from Kyoto she befriend in his past stay in one of his camp. She's lazy but realize that she acts "normal" despite of her disabilitiy. He reflected to himself and what he's been doing lately. Kazuki realized that all he's been doing is moping around, so he got up and continued his rehab. After three month of treatment he regain his ability to walk.
    A few months later they heard that his grandmother in Koshu is sick and need help. As a result his family moved there, except for his older sister and father. Her mother continues his grandmother's candy store business.    

Family/Friends relationship:
    Nishikawa Ichiro (father)(47): A professor Tokyo university He tries to balance work and family but his work always gets the best of                                         him.
    Nishikawa Chieko (mother)(45): She used to be a secretary in an insurance company, but left her job after getting married. She values her family far everything.
    Nishikawa Hotaru (older sister) (22): She's currently a university student studying economy. She works multiple jobs.
    Nishikawa Minori (younger brother)(5): Currently in kindergarten. He loves playing pokemon with Kazuki.
    Nishikawa Michi (grandmother)(71): She become sickly due to old age. She owns a candy store which her daughter-in-law manage.
    Akiyama Arata (friend)(18): A friend who he met during his soccer camp in Kyoto. Arata visited him during his stay in the hospital
    Akiyama Kaede (friend)(15): Arata's sister who came with him to visit Kazuki during his stay in the hospital. Kazuki always compares himself to her.

Additional informations:
       ◘ Allergic to peanuts
       ◘ Hotaru bullies him back in the days. The same today.
       ◘ He usually wears contacts, but wears his glasses when he wants to feel smart.
       ◘ He loves playing pokemon with Minori.
       ◘ Kazuki tries hard to learn how to bake and make sweets since he loves them but always ends up as a fail.
       ◘ He always ask Hotaru to send him facial products-
       ◘ He has a scar on his face which he hides with bandaid. It was from his accident.
       ◘ He could be crazy about soccer.



United States
You can call me temi =u=! thank you for stopping by~ *bows*
also a weird person who claims to be an alien//whacked
Feel free to talk to me and be my friend o 7 o

Some infos about me, I think:
A simple person who likes to draw and slack, probably more on the slacking part.
I eat when I'm bored...>_>" and complain a lot ><
I'm currently living on the middle of this giant land mass called America, literally.
I look weird in pictures, like seriously. perfect example on top
I like babysitting and dogsitting.
and also I like to draw whatever I want~

Likes: Money, Hand Sanitizers, Sweets, Orange juice, Netflix, Free Food
Anime Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin, Magi, Kagerou Project, Gintama
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, LoK, Adventure Time
OTP: Me and my laptop <3///slapped I-I mean Seto/Mary, Takane/Haruka , Fionna/Marshall Lee, Amy/Rory

REQUEST: close friends only >.<
ART TRADE: closed >.<



You can call me temi = u =! a weird person who claims to be an alien//whacked// feel free to kick, punch, or whack me whenever I freak you out-

Some infos about me, I think:
A simple person who likes to draw.
I eat when I'm bored...>_>" and complain a lot ><
I'm currently living on the middle of this giant land mass called America, literally.
I look weird in pictures, like seriously. perfect example on top
I like babysitting and dogsitting.
and also I like to draw whatever I want~
Most of time, I dun really know how to express myself orz

Likes: Money, Hand Sanitizers, Sweets, Orange juice, Netflix, Free Food
Anime Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin, Magi, Kagerou Project, Gintama
TV Shows: Doctor Who, Supernatural, LoK, Adventure Time
OTP: Me and my laptop <3///slapped I-I mean Seto/Mary, Takane/Haruka , Fionna/Marshall Lee, Amy/Rory



I think I should put FAQ here hmmm... welp based on the questions I keep receiving (and might add more~)

What programs do you use in drawing?
- I use Paint tool sai, GIMP, and Photoscape~
What kind of tablet are you using?
-I honestly forgot what's its model but it looks like this-->… I'm sorry.... ahhahaaaa-
Do you do art as a profession?:
-No, I just draw to relief stress, express feels, and make people feel happy~

See ya~

Thank you for stopping by <3


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